PowerSchool Scheduling FAQs

Q. Do I need to build a new schedule every year?
A. No. It is only necessary to build a new schedule when making major changes to the existing schedule. For example, if your school is adding or subtracting terms, days, and/or periods from the existing schedule, it is advised that a new schedule be built. If there are only minor changes, such as moving sections to different days or periods, or adding or deleting sections in the existing schedule, then you do not need to build a new schedule and can use a Load Only scheduling Scenario.

Q. Can I continue scheduling after running the end of year (EOY) process ?
A. Please see knowledgebase article 9687.

Parameters Catalogs Q. Do I need to create a new Course Catalog every year for scheduling?
A. No. Existing Course Catalogs in PowerScheduler may be used for any scheduling scenario, adding or removing active courses as needed.
Q: Course not able to be selected in PowerScheduler
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 6289 for the walkthrough.
Q: A newly created course does not show up in PowerScheduler
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7186 shows how to resolve this.
Periods Q: What Is A "Core" Period?
A: Please see Knowledgebase article #: 8976.
Years & Terms Q. I don't know our exact term dates yet. Can I change them later?
A. Yes, term dates may be changed at any time prior to committing the schedule, but student schedules will need to be reloaded in order to correctly align the enrollment dates with the terms.
Q. Can I add terms to the scenario I'm using after I've started scheduling?
A. If you need to add terms, you should create a new scheduling scenario with the terms required and rebuild the schedule.
Q. Should I add extra days for snow days when I enter the term start and end dates?
A. We recommend that no "extra days", either at the beginning or end of the terms, should be added when creating terms. Start and end dates for the Full Year and all subsequent terms should line up with each other. For example, if the Full Year starts on 8/5/2007 and ends on 6/23/2008, Semester 1 and Quarter 1 should have start dates of 8/5/2007. Semester 2 and Quarter 4 would have an end date of 6/23/2008. If you need to add days during the course of the school year for snow cancellations, etc., follow the instructions described in KnowledgeBase article #: 56872.
Q: A non-matching Build Year and Scheduling Year can cause various issues
A: Look at Knowledgebase article #: 9537 for the workaround.
Processing Course Rank Q: How PowerScheduler Calculates Course Rank
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 9610.
Build (Q) Q: Scheduling Engine throws an 'Error 7 Connect Failed' message and won't build.
A: Reference Knowledgebase article #: 5664 for the workaround.
Load (Q)
Q: Scheduling Engine throws an 'Error 7 Connect Failed' message and won't load.
A: go to knowledgebase article #: 5664 for the workaround.
Q: Load does not schedule any students
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6594 can help.
Q: Why are Students Enroll & Leave dates listed as 0/0/0?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 8152 gives a workaround.
Commit Q. We plan to split our Year Long sections before we commit our schedule. Will splitting the sections into semesters also split the credits for the course?
A. No. If you plan to split section using the Split Year-Long Classes function the credit entered on the Course Setup page should be divided among the terms you plan to split the course into, so for example, if the Year Long course would have 1 credit, and it is going to be split into Semesters, the credit assigned on the Course Setup page should be .5. PowerScheduler does not take credit into consideration during the split process.
Q: Committing the schedule results in "Full year term must be selected..." error
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 6597 for the resolution.
Live-Side Scheduling Q. We plan to do "live-side" scheduling at our elementary schools. Can we do that before the end of the current school year?
A. The students cannot be enrolled into their classes for next year until after the End Of Year process has been completed. The Years & Terms for the next school year can be created, the Master Schedule copied, and any needed modifications to the schedule can be made during the current year. Before performing these steps on the "live-side", a scheduling scenario for the next school year should be created in PowerScheduler using the Auto Scheduler Setup function that has at minimum the Full Year term dates, and the desired number of periods and days defined. The Schedule Year in PowerScheduler should be set for the upcoming year once the scenario has been created.
Q: How to transfer a student from one school to another school.
A: It's in Knowledgebase article #: 6207.
Q: How to unlock enrollments in a student's Modify Schedule page
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 7169 for the walkthrough.
Q: How To Mass Drop Section Enrollments Using DDA
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 7194.
Q: School unavailable in Next School Indicator field on Scheduling Setup page
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7875 says why.
Q: How to identify and delete a duplicate class enrollment (CC record)
A: See the workflow in Knowledgebase article #: 7991.
Q: How to remove a current Enrollment Record
A: Follow the steps in Knowledgebase article #: 8351.
Q: What's with the 'Pending Transfer' message when transferring a student out of school?
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 10692.
Bell Schedules Q: Can I create more than one (1) Bell Schedule?
A: Yes. While PowerSchool provides the ability to create multiple Bell Schedules in Start Page > School > Bell Schedules, it is important to note that only one (1) Bell Schedule can be assigned per Calendar Day in Start Page > School > Calendar Setup. Refer to the System Administrator Guide for more details (article 63495).
Q: Can I create more than one (1) Bell Schedule to accommodate different grade levels within the same school? (e.g. Grades 6-8 have a 5-period day, while Grades 9-12 have a 7-period day)?
A: No. On any given school date, the calendar cannot have multiple bell schedules assigned to accommodate different grade levels within the same school. Refer to the System Administrator Guide for more details (article 63495).
Requesting Request Screen Setup Q: Missing Requests In PowerScheduler
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 6287.
Q: Why does the Student Request screen display courses as "Unknown Course"?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 8078 gives the solution.
Q: Requesting screens show courses from another school
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 5947.
Q: How to disable the "enter course request" feature for Guardians and Students
A: Follow Knowledgebase article #: 5691.
Q: How to mass-remove student requests by year or course
A: It's in Knowledgebase article #: 5630.
Q: Must previous years' requests be deleted before entering next year's requests?
A: No. You should not have to delete old request because they are associated to a unique termID value. If you use the Request Modify Future function, it should associate those requests to next year's scheduling term.
On the PowerScheduler side, if you select a student -> requests -> new -> it should also associate the request to the next scheduling year.
Q: Registration pages are not available for incoming students from another school
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6704 has the answer.
Q: The wrong school appears in the welcome message on the Request Modify Future screen
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6638 gives the steps to resolve this.
Q: How are student requests processed by PowerScheduler?
A: Please see Knowledgebase article #: 7017.
Q: How To Re-Use Student Request Screens
A: Go to Knowledgebase article #: 8031.
Q: What sets the order of courses on Requests View Future page?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 11059 has the answer.
Resources Constraints Q: What are the scheduling constraint codes by number?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6267 lists them.
Q: How to Add a Balance Adjustment Constraint
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 7781.
Courses Q: How the "Don't Allow Student Substitutions" checkbox works
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7945 discusses this.
Rooms Q: My rooms have been deleted in PowerScheduler. How can I get them back?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7246 has a workflow.
Students Q: How do I pre-register a student for next year in PowerSchool?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 5683 gives the steps.
Q. We have students coming in from outside of our district next year. Do we need to set up a "feeder school" in PowerSchool to schedule them?
A. No. The students can be pre-registered at the schools they will be attending. Set their scheduling preferences so that the next grade shown is the grade they will be in next year, set the next school to the school in which they are pre-registered, and check the "Schedule this student" checkbox. The students can now be assigned requests and scheduled through PowerScheduler like any currently enrolled student.
Q: Transfer Info Page displays "No FTEs defined for this school".
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6224 gives the workaround.
Q: Transfer info is incorrect for students transferred to a new school but not yet re-enrolled.
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 6519.
Q: Matrix View versus Student Schedule Screens.
A: Knowledgebase article #: 5943 shows why these can look different from one another.
Q: How To Select Students From Multiple Schools For Running A Load in PowerScheduler.
A: Follow the steps outlined in Knowledgebase article #: 7997.
Q: How to schedule out-of-district students for next year
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 8011.
Q: How to exclude students from Scheduling
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7925 lists 4 steps.
Q: How to reenroll a student who has been accidentally transferred out of school
A: Go to Knowledgebase article #: 8210.
Teachers Q: Teacher Schedule Class Count (Size) Displays Zero (0).
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6244 gives a workaround.
Q: Teacher assignments, configuration and troubleshooting.
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 8023.
Q: Unable to change a Teacher's Schedule Setup
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7769 explains why.
Q: Teacher Set to "No Longer Here" Still Shows in PowerScheduler
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7995 shows how to resolve this issue.
Q: How to View Teacher Scheduling Assignments
A: Knowledgebase article #: 8025 shows how.
Schedule Master Schedule Q: How to indentify the current Build ID
A: Look at Knowledgebase article #: 10074.
Q: Master Schedule is not displaying all the sections
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6040 gives the answers.
Q: Copy Master Schedule error: "Destination year must be greater than source year"
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6354 has a walkthrough.
Q: Some classes are missing from the Master Schedule
A: Follow Knowledgebase article #: 7277 for a possible solution.
Q: Why are my section numbers different after copying the Master Schedule?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7691 explains.
Sections Q: Class Roster doesn't show a newly enrolled student
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 7156 for a possible solution.
Q: Only the full year term is available to choose from when adding sections in Powerscheduler
A: Knowledgebase article #: 7963 has a workflow to resolve this.
Q: How to reactivate a Section Enrollment (CC record)
A: The steps are in Knowledgebase article #: 11062.
Q: Is there a 'Reset Section Meetings' Command or Function?
A: In later versions of PowerSchool Premier ( and greater), a special operation is available to reset (deletion and recreation) Section_Meeting records in PowerSchool Admin.
Use the following procedure to reset the Section_Meeting records:
  1. Go to the Special Operations page (Start > System > Special Operations).
  2. Select Reset Section Meetings on the Operation drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the value of the school year start year (such as 2007 for the 2007-2008 school year) in the Param 1 field. Note: if a user enters nothing or characters other than numbers, the value becomes zero (0), and the Special Operation will not run.
  4. Type 'resetsm' in the Code field.
  5. Click Submit.
Note: The current school setting determines which school(s) records are processed. If set to a school, only that school's Section_Meeting records are recreated. If set to the district office, all school's section_Meeting records are recreated.
Note: this special operation should be run after hours.# Master Schedule
Tools Engine Q: Permissions errors when installing Scheduling Engine
A: Knowledgebase article #: 6733 has a possible resolution.
Q: Unable to connect to scheduling engine (Automated Walk in Scheduler)
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 7252.
Q: How to re-establish the PSLoader file association in Windows
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 7033.
Reports Q: How many students had successful requests per course?
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 5854 for a recommendation.
Q: How to view section balance results (Master Schedule reporting in PowerScheduler)
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 5970.
Q: How to print next year's student schedules
A: Knowledgebase article #: 5845 discusses this.
Q: The wrong teacher listed when printing Future Schedules
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 8149.
Q: How to print future schedules for pre-registered students
A: See Knowledgebase article #: 8196.
Q: Why does the Student Schedule Matrix report show nothing?
A: Knowledgebase article #: 10174 gives troubleshooting steps.