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Summary The Course Rank in PowerScheduler defines the order in which the system schedules courses into the master schedule. The rank is a value that the system assigns to a course according to how difficult it is to schedule. As the system fills the master schedule with courses during the build, it becomes more difficult to schedule each successive course. Therefore, the order in which the system schedules courses is important.
Audience This article is intended for PowerSchool administrators working in PowerScheduler.
Details Build/Update the Course Rank Do the following to calculate the Course Rank:
  1. Navigate to: Start Page > PowerScheduler > Course Rank. Two options are located on this page: Build Rank and Update Rank.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Build Rank to set up an initial course rank, or to rebuild a course rank. This will overwrite any manual changes to the course rank.
    • Click Update Rank to update an existing course rank.
  3. Click Submit on the confirmation page.
Note: Use the Update Rank function after you do any one of the following:
  • Edit the number of sections of a course.
  • Significantly change the number of student course requests.
  • Add or delete constraints.
Updating the course rank recalculates the system rank, and updates the course rank for courses that you have not adjusted.
Course Rank Calculation First, the system builds the course rank based upon the following items (listed in no specific order):
  • Sections offered for the course
  • Request conflicts
  • Pre-Schedule and Course Restrict Constraints
  • Length of each section (periods/days/terms)
  • Block Relationships with other courses
The system then assigns each course a sequential number in increments of ten (such as 10, 20, and 30). Additionally, you can manually change the rank of some courses based on your experience or special circumstances not reflected in course definitions or constraints.
For example, courses that are offered only once per term are scheduled before multiple courses because there are fewer choices. Scheduling these courses first assures a better schedule for the students that request courses offered once per term.
It is important to keep the course rank file up-to-date as you build your schedule and adjust your courses, teachers, constraints, and other parameters.
Refer to article 63539 for more information.