Activating a Pre-registered Student

  1. Search for your pre-registered students by using the following search on the Start Page:

  2. Select a pre-registered student from the list of students returned by your search.
  3. Navigate to the Teacher Comments student screen.
  4. Note the number below the teacher comments. This number represents the student's internal ID in the Students table.
  5. Return to the Start Page.
  6. Search for all students with that student ID. PowerSchool should only return one student. For example, if the student's ID is 12345, perform the following search on the Start Page.

  7. Verify that PowerSchool only returns one student. That student should be the pre-registered student you would like to change to an active status.
  8. Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Group Functions > Student Field Value. The Student Field Value page appears.
  9. Verify that only one student is selected.
  10. Enter the following field in the Field to Change input box.

  11. Enter the following value in the New Field Value input box.

  12. Click Submit. PowerSchool displays the Field Value page. Note that PowerSchool has not yet updated the value in the enroll_status field for the selected student.
  13. Use the Field Value page to verify that the correct student is selected and that the value of enroll_status is changing from -1 to 0.
  14. Once you have verified the changes are correct, click the Submit button.

Note: There is no undo feature when using the Student Field Value group function. Administrators are advised to make a backup of PowerSchool before using the Student Field Value group function.