Configuring PowerTeacher Mobile Application

Once you have installed PowerTeacher on your device:

1. Launch PowerTeacher application.
2. Select Settings.

3. At Settings screen, select Server.

4. Enter the following in the Server Address field
5. In the Port Number field enter
6. Set SSL Enabled to On.
7. Select the Login button in the upper-left corner. This will return you to the Login screen.
8. Enter your PowerTeacher User Name and Password.
9. Select the > button in the School field. This will bring up a list of SPS schools.

10.Select the school you wish to sign on to. This will return you to the Login screen. Enter your credentials. Please note, it you are having problems logging in, try entering the first two letters of your user name in capital letters and the rest of your name in lower-case. For example: if pward does not work, try entering PWard.

11.Select the Login.